Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The End of Brandy Peak

Founded in 1993, Brandy Peak Distillery was the second oldest operating distillery in Oregon. Located near Brookings, the distillery has been producing excellent brandy, grappa and liqueurs, and provided inspiration for many other craft distillers in the state.

After 24 of operating the distillery, owner David Nowlin has decided to retire. He's willing to lease the distillery to anyone who would like to continue the operation, but its off-the-beaten-path location has discouraged any potential takers. Selling the equipment does not seem a viable option either, as the wood-burning stills do not appear to be transportable.

The wood burning stills at Brandy Peak
The distillery shipped its last lot of blackberry liqueur to the OLCC last month (October 2017), and there are bottles available of a 20 year old brandy, for which one must contact the Nowlins via the information on their website. This is labeled a "Marc Brandy" which means it was made from pommace, the semi-liquid by-product of wine production. Marc is the French equivalent of grappa, and these are normally bottled unaged. An aged one is therefore unusual; one aged 20 years even more so. The price is $90.

So bid a fond adieu to Brandy Peak; they will be missed.